• Palace of Fine Arts at Night

    Palace of Fine Arts at Dusk

    Instead of sitting in front on my computer and waiting for the results of today’s election, I went to the Palace of Fine Arts to have fun with my camera. Had a good time. But now back, I have trouble finding words…. Hope you enjoy the photos without additional comments!           […]

  • Harvest Moon over Golden Gate Bridge


    Last week was Super Harvest Moon. Yep, not just a Harvest Moon. It was the third ‘super’ full moon in a row and it was the biggest one of the year. So I went to a classic location to capture this event: Marin Headlands. There was a fog bank hanging over the east bay hills, […]

  • Postcard from the Mendocino Coast

    Mendocino Coast #1

    As it has been a very long time since my last post so I thought to show you two images from last night. With them I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

  • Postcard from Venice

    Dawn in Venice

    I love Venice with all the different channels and bridges. This little square with the old well was not far from the place I stayed. I am happy how this image turned out with the blue sky backlit by the moon and the red colored buildings.

  • San Francisco City Hall Shines in Blue and Gold

    The San Francisco City Hall shines in blue and gold to celebrate the Golden State Warriors post-season run.

    San Francisco illuminates its local buildings in different colors throughout the year to celebrate special occasions. I already captured some of them in the past: San Francisco in red and gold San Francisco basks in orange Festive San Francisco City Hall A few days ago, I drove by the City Hall all lit in blue […]