• First Snow


    At the beginning of the day, the balcony and the surroundings were not covered by snow. A few hours of heavy snowfall, more than a feet of new snow accumulated. There is more snow to come during the night…

  • Frozen Spooner Lake near Lake Tahoe


    In early January, we spent a weekend at Lake Tahoe. Due to the lack of snow, we went hiking instead of skiing. The following pictures were taken around frozen Spooner Lake. Thanks to the dusting of snow we got the previous night, there was at least a little feeling of winter. It was kind of […]

  • Sunset at Timber Cove Marina, South Lake Tahoe


    After a day of skiing, we went down to the shore to enjoy the upcoming sunset. First we were at the Ski Run Marina which was not that inspiring. To our left we saw a big pier reaching into the bay, the Timber Cove Marina. So we went over there for some exploring. On our […]

  • Pier at Lake Tahoe shore


    For sunset, we went down to the Lake Tahoe shore after a day of skiing. It was really cold, but the scenery made up for it.