• Sunrise at Fifi beach on La Désirade


    After several days of rain, we awoke to a beautiful sunrise near Fifi beach on La Désirade. La Désirade is a little island in the Caribbean 10 miles away from ‘mainland’ Guadeloupe. There are several beaches where fishermen leave their boats anchored near the shore or directly on the beach. Along with tourism, fishing is […]

  • Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco at Sunrise


    Since I already planed to go to Hawk Hill in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to photograph the fly-by of the Space Shuttle Endeavour (link), I decided to get up a few hours earlier to capture the sunrise as well. This is something I wanted to do for a long time but never had […]

  • Mongolia – Khongoryn Els at Sunrise


    This post is part of my Mongolia blog post series.  The following pictures were taken at sunrise in the Khongoryn Els sand dunes, from a slightly different location than the previous night (link). The dunes were a little bit smaller so it was easier to climb them. Once at the top, the view was magnificent, beautiful lines of […]

  • Sunrise at Merced National Wildlife Refuge


    A while back, we decided to make a short detour via the Merced National Wildlife Refuge on our way to Yosemite. I miscalculated when we had to get up to be at the wildlife refuge to capture the early morning light. So we arrived a bit too late. Just before arriving at the gate, the sun rose […]

  • Half Dome and Elm at Sunrise


    Right now in late October is a good time to make sunrise pictures. The light is beautiful and sunrise is rather late in the morning. For a while now, I was looking forward to photograph the famous Elm tree in Yosemite’s Cook’s Meadow backlit by the rising sun. As it turned out, I was not […]

  • Bay Bridge Construction

    Bay Bridge Construction

    The construction of the new Bay Bridge is advancing. The new tower is up, the skyway is almost complete, and the cables are next. Current status and more background informations can be found at BayBridgeInfo.org. I am looking forward to the day the bridge is finished and the old span is gone. At the same […]