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Death Valley Wildflowers – Second Take

Recently I was in Death Valley for the wildflowers “super bloom”. The valley floor was dominated by the yellow of the Desert Gold flower. I took panoramic images showing the extend of the color bloom as well as intimate detail shots of the flowers. After a while I needed a break, so I started to take […]

Soma Spring Open Studio 2015

Please join me for the Soma Spring Open Studio show at Misho Gallery. The theme of this group show is ‘scapes ‘. Please come to see a different type of work! Details: Preview : Friday April 10, 5-9pm Saturday-Sunday, April 11-12, 1-5pm Closing: Saturday April 18, 1-4pm Misho Gallery, 680 8th Street Suite 230, San Francisco CA […]

Partial Solar Eclipse in San Francisco

A few years ago I experienced an annular eclipse in Redding, CA (link). This was really spectacular and it was the first solar eclipse I had ever seen. Today’s partial solar eclipse was not that high up on the scale but I didn’t want to miss it. It was a bit foggy here in San […]

The Lights of Zhenyuan

This post is part of my Guizhou-China blog post series. Finally the start of our photography tour led by William Yu was here. Below is a simple map that shows a few places where we stopped during the day and where we stayed at night. As you can imagine, we travelled quite a distance. The first day was mostly […]

Qianling Park – Guiyang, China

This post is part of my Guizhou-China blog post series. Another attraction in Guiyang is the Qianling Park and its the Hongfu temple. This park is huge (1052.7 acres) and supports different activities. There is a cable car to get to the Kanzhu Pavilion, which is on top of the Qianling Mountain and provides a nice overlook of Guiyang […]

Jiaxiu Pavilion – Guiyang, China

This is the first post of a blog series documenting my recent trip to China. Guiyang is the capital of the Guizhou province in southwestern China and the start and end of our photography tour. I joined William Yu and a group of like-minded travelers to explore the Guizhou province, learn more about its ethnic […]

Louis Vuitton Cup – Round Robin 4, ETNZ vs. LR

This post is part of my America’s Cup in San Francisco blog post series. Yesterday was another racing day with two boats: Emirates Team New Zealand versus Luna Rossa. New Zealand got a great start ahead of Luna Rossa and the distance between the two boats increased from 20s at the first mark to more than 7 […]

Mongolia – Khongoryn Els (Singing Dunes)

This post is part of my Mongolia blog post series.  One of the highlights of this Mongolia trip for me was visiting the Khongoryn Els sand dunes in the Gobi desert. The Gobi desert is vast. It is more a steppe than a sand desert, where you find grassland, thorny bushes, gravel plains, buttes, rocky canyons and sand dunes. […]

Annular Eclipse 2012

This was the first time ever I saw a solar eclipse in nature. Okay, it was ‘only’ an annular eclipse, but it was beautiful and a great experience. Around us was a big crowd and when the moon moved over the sun and only a circle of light (aka fire ring) was visible, everyone burst […]

Horsetail Waterfall – Firefall

During February for about two weeks, the setting sun just touches the Horsetail Waterfall in Yosemite and creates something that looks like the old Glacier Point Firefall. In order to see the effect of the natural “fire fall”, there must be sufficient water flowing, some wind to generate the mist, and the sun should not […]