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A Seat at the Window

The other day I got a window seat as I was flying out of San Francisco. And for once, the window was relatively clean! To top it off, we were leaving just around sunset and I was on the, literally, right side. The fog was already rolling into San Francisco and I loved how it […]

Adding a Slideshow to Backlight Based Pages

This is another one of these techie posts. But I have one image for you too. I shot it recently on a trip to Mendocino. More image related posts are coming soon!   I am in the process of migrating my site over to The Turning Gate’s Backlight toolset. Currently, one important feature is missing: slideshows. […]

Welcome to my “new” blog

I’ve moved my Blogger-hosted blog over to But no worries, the entire content came along! When performing a search or looking at tags, you will get the previous posts as well as the new ones! The process to get this new WordPress-based blog up and running was a pleasure; because I revisited all the blog […]

Full moon over Alcatraz Island

So true today: after the storm comes the sunshine. In the morning we had heavy rain while in the afternoon the sun was out again. Still, I was concerned that the clouds in the east would hide the full moon. I ended up with a 5 minute window where the moon was only partially hidden. But this […]

Double Rainbow Over Potrero Hill

I was doing some work on my computer when I glanced through the windows. There were some nice sunset colors in the sky. So I went outside to enjoy the show. When I turned my head eastwards, I was stunned: a huge double rainbow was up there. A quickly grabbed my camera to shoot some […]

San Francisco Waterfront with Holiday Lights 2

A few days ago, I took some evening pictures from the San Francisco waterfront. This is the blog entry in case you missed it. Today, I went back but went past the Ferry Building to Pier 5. When I arrived at the end of the pier, I immediately knew that only a panorama could capture […]

San Francisco Waterfront with Holiday Lights

It is this time of the the year. The Thanksgiving feast is over, black Friday lines are winding down, and the Christmas trees lots are already set up. Yes, just an other four weeks until Christmas. Every year, some of the San Francisco downtown buildings turn decorative lights on to celebrate the holidays. This changes […]