Half Dome and Elm at Sunrise

Right now in late October is a good time to make sunrise pictures. The light is beautiful and sunrise is rather late in the morning. For a while now, I was looking forward to photograph the famous Elm tree in Yosemite’s Cook’s Meadow backlit by the rising sun.

As it turned out, I was not the only one who had this idea. There was a big group taking a class. Lucky me, I had an iPhone app (SunSeeker) that helped me find the spot where the rising sun was hiding behind the tree. And this spot was a bit away from the group.

Half Dome and Elm Tree at Sunrise, Cook's Meadow, Yosemite National Park
Half Dome and Elm Tree at Sunrise, Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite National Park

If you ever attempt to take backlit pictures like this, remember NOT to look at the sun through the viewfinder. You could permanently damage your eyesight. Use your camera’s live view shooting mode or at least wear sun glasses.

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