Bodie – Part 1

This post is part of my Bodie blog post series.

Bodie is a ghost town located in the eastern Sierra not far from Mono Lake. The few buildings and structures remaining are preserved in a state of “arrested decay”. Since 1962, the town and the surrounding hills and mines are part of the Bodie State Historic Park.

We visited this lovely place back in early September and were disappointed that we couldn’t stay until or even a bit later than sunset. During summer, the closing time is 6pm and it is strongly enforced by the rangers. Don’t even think about sneaking back in afterwards because the rangers live in the town as well!

Before our visit we discovered that the Bodie Foundation enables after-hour visits for photographers. We were all excited until we read the fine-print. Apart of being expensive for a small group, you need additional insurance coverage and have to file a lot of paperwork with the state. As this was just a few days before our visit, we let it pass. The money the Bodie Foundation collects is all for a good cause: it helps to preserve and maintain Bodie. This is even more important as the State of California cut funding for the state parks and even threatened to close some.

On our drive back home we learned about a Bodie night photography workshop by Jeff Sullivan. Not only did we not have to worry about the paperwork, but also would we be with a guide who visited Bodie at night before. What a valuable benefit! So we signed-up for the night workshop this past weekend.

Nancy from the Body Foundation was our host for the night and watched out that we didn’t venture to far away from the rest of the group. And she provided hot tea which was very welcome during the cold night!

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