Moon and Venus over Bernal Heights

Being busy with unpacking from my recent trip to Burning Man, I totally missed tonight’s sunset. I saw the beautiful pastel colors in the sky, but didn’t have time to leave home to try to capture this. But a little bit later while preparing the BBQ to cook dinner, I saw the moon and Venus over Bernal Heights. This time I couldn’t let it go.

Moon and Venus over Bernal Heights
Moon and Venus over Bernal Heights

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4 thoughts on “Moon and Venus over Bernal Heights”

  1. How long did it take to get the dust out of everything! It was really a nice clear night and a great opportunity. Glad you not only saw, but captured!

    1. Hey Harvey,

      I guess you mean out of the Burning Man stuff? I rented a camera and had only a bit of cleaning to do. But there is still some stuff contained in boxes so the dust doesn’t spill too much…

      Cheers -Daniel

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