Orchid Flowers

On a rainy day with a stay-at-home order in place, I finally took the time to photograph my blooming orchids. It’s not my typical subject, but it was perfect for today.

Several years ago, I rescued two white orchid plants that a home staging company in my office building had put into the compost bin. These two plants show their gratefulness by not stopping to bloom. Really puzzling.

A orchid branch with several white flowers
Orchid 2020/4


Close up of white orchid flower
Orchid 2020/5


Image of two white orchid flowers
Orchid 2020/6


Image of two white orchid flowers
Orchid 2020/7

I also had a dark magenta orchid for a few years now and it’s only the second time that she is blooming. But how are beautiful the flowers!.

Image of two fuchsia orchid flowers
Orchid 2020/1


Fuchsia orchid flower
Orchid 2020/2


Close-up of fuchsia orchid flower
Orchid 2020/3

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