Redding’s Sundial Bridge with Annular Eclipse

A few weeks ago, I photographed the annular solar eclipse in Redding. The original plan was to head up to Redding Saturday afternoon and have plenty of time for scouting. Unfortunately, we only made it to Redding early Sunday afternoon with little time left for scouting since the eclipse started around 5pm.

I passed through the Shasta Lake area a few times in the past years, but I don’t know the region and I had no idea of a good photo spot to capture the eclipse. Since I had two cameras with me, I wanted to setup one to capture a sequence, even hopping to make a simple timelapse movie. This meant that I not only needed open sky but an appealing landscape too.

Redding’s Sundial Bridge looked like an interesting composition. This is where we ended up and spent a few hours in the sun waiting for the eclipse. It was a great experience to see my first solar eclipse. I would have preferred a bigger sun, but there was no way to step back from the bridge to be able to use a longer lens. By using a longer lens the sun would have appeared more prominent. You can see an example of this effect in my lunar eclipse pictures. In the end I like the composition and the resulting image very much.

Redding's Sundial Bridge with Annular Solar Eclipse Sequence
Redding’s Sundial Bridge with Annular Solar Eclipse Sequence

I have already posted an other blog entry with different images from this eclipse. Here is the link in case you missed it.

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