Pier at Seacliff State Beach

Due to the lack of snow I spent a day at the beach instead of a day skiing. It is really strange to wear swim trunks in January in Northern California and not to be cold. I enjoyed it, but hopefully I wont get used to this!

At sunset I visited Seacliff State Park. They have a small pier with what’s left of a concrete ship at the end. The ship, the S.S. Palo Alto, was build at the end of WW-I but never saw service. She remained docked in Oakland for a few years before being sunk in Aptos and used as a party boat. This didn’t last long before the company went out of business and eventually the boat broke apart. Today, the remains of the ship serve as an artificial reef. You can find more information on Wikipedia.

My original plan was to stay well beyond sunset to capture a star trail above the pier. Unfortunately, the park closes at sunset. I stayed a bit longer, but didn’t want to push my luck with the rangers. So you won’t find any stars in this post.

Crushing Waves





Pier with S.S. Palo Alto



And last but not least, a little black&white sepia toned view from underneath the pier:


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