Sunset in Capitola

Capitola is a small coastal town east of Santa Cruz, California, at the northern end of the Monterey Bay. Usually if you are on the pacific coast, you see the setting sun over the ocean. But the Capitola beach faces south east and not west. This means sun sets behind you.

Sun setting behind Capitola

Lately we have one beautiful sunset after the other. As the was going down, we got this nice pink-colored sky. I was definitely not the only one out there. I guess some of the surfers would have prefered higher waves instead of the nice scenery.

Surfer and SUP enjoying the last light of the day

What I was looking forward to photograph that evening were waterscapes with the special focus on long-time exposure to smoothen the moving water. Sometimes this results in an almost cloudy appearance. Initially I didn’t care that much about the sky, but when the clouds started to shine in red, I had to include them in my compositions.

Capitola waterscapes #1

These long time exposures were taken over a 30sec timespan. With unpredictable wave sizes, it was difficult to get an image with partially submerged rocks. Sometimes the waves are higher and cover all the rocks and other times they are not high enough and the rocks are fully exposed. And yes, if the waves are suddenly higher, you might end up with wet feets….

With following composition, I took 9 different images. Most of them had the rocks fully exposed, but in capture 8 the waves were high enough to create this foggy layer that covers the lower laying rocks. I am really happy with the result!

Capitola waterscapes #2

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  1. aaaaah you caught very well my favorite still-life subject! yes, water is a fabTasTic subject and is never the same ever! glad you were able to catch the light – it really was awesome!! take care on the roads!!

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