Lake Tahoe Pier with Epic Sunset

A few weeks ago after a day of skiing under a cloudy sky, my sunset expectations were low. Was I wrong! Towards the end of the day, the cloud cover moved a bit and revealed an open sky along parts of the horizon. This was when I became more optimistic.

There is a little beach with several piers within walking distance of the hotel where I stayed that weekend. I have been there before and really enjoy the view it has. There is a small gazebo as well that is used for weddings; obviously not during the winter season.

There is a hint of color in the sky, but nothing to get too excited.

Gazebo at Lake Tahoe shore

But it didn’t take long until nice pastel colors started to appear. Here’s a view along the shore where several vacation homes have their own private beaches and piers.

Lake Tahoe shore basting in pastell colors

As time progressed, the sky turned orange. This is the same pier I shot a few years ago (Pier at Lake Tahoe).

Mirrored pier under orange sky

And then the show really begun. It was amazing how the entire sky caught fire. And since this is a lake, we got this beautiful reflection. This is a view from the top of the pier.

Lake Tahoe on fire

There is nothing more boring than having 50 identical images. When I am outside taking landscape pictures, I try to change the composition, change the lens and/or move around. So here I moved a bit further to the right hand side to capture the pier from the other side.

Lake Tahoe on fire – 2

This was an amazing evening with a really psychedelic sunset. I was fortunate to be up there in the Sierra that evening to experience this. There are some additional pictures I’ll share on this blog in the near future. Stay tuned!

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