Balloons in the Sierra Nevada

Jeff Sullivan invited us to join him for a photowalk at a hot air balloon event at a lake in the Tahoe National Forest. This is an unofficial event where balloon teams meet each other for some fun and social time. Another goal is to give their support personnel a chance to fly, since they can’t during festivals as paying customers get priority. As a lucky strike, on the second day, the Empty Pockets Balloon Team asked me if I wanted to fly. Heck, yes and I really enjoyed the ride!

This was a great weekend! Big thanks to Jeff Sullivan for asking us to come along and Jeff Haliczer from Empty Pockets Balloon Team to let me fly with him!

Now I really want to see a big balloon festival like the one in Albuquerque.


Balloons over lake
Three balloons at the lake
Cheers Over California balloon with reflection
The three phases: Inflation (middle), ready for flying (right), flying (left)
Heating inside air with burner
Inside view of inflated balloon
Flying balloon with shadow
Synchronicity landing at shore
Synchronicity with rippled reflection and canoe
The moon and the balloon
Two balloons floating in the lake
Balloons circling over trees
View inside the the envelope from the bottom
View inside the evelope from the top
Deflating the balloon at the end of the flight

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4 thoughts on “Balloons in the Sierra Nevada”

  1. Awesome shots. thanks for joining the fun. . . I fly up there nearly every weekend when there is not snow on the ground unless I am at events.

    Do an event in Gallup, NM the first weekend in December and it is awesome, for photos. Nearly 200 balloons flying the red rocks, Red Rock Balloon Rally.

    Be safe and have fun,

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