Sunrise at Merced National Wildlife Refuge

A while back, we decided to make a short detour via the Merced National Wildlife Refuge on our way to Yosemite. I miscalculated when we had to get up to be at the wildlife refuge to capture the early morning light. So we arrived a bit too late. Just before arriving at the gate, the sun rose […]

Mission Creek Park Photo Walk

Last Saturday, I joined an Adobe photo walk around Mission Creek Park in San Francisco. This was a fun event to share a few hours taking pictures of different subjects together with other photographers and friends. But it was not all about taking pictures. After 2 hours of shooting, we were fed by Adobe (thank […]

Frozen Spooner Lake near Lake Tahoe

In early January, we spent a weekend at Lake Tahoe. Due to the lack of snow, we went hiking instead of skiing. The following pictures were taken around frozen Spooner Lake. Thanks to the dusting of snow we got the previous night, there was at least a little feeling of winter. It was kind of […]

Favorites – 2011

Over the holidays, I spent some time to revisit the pictures taken during 2011. It is always fun to review pictures taken during a year. It is not only the pictures, but all the  memories associated with them. Yeah, this was a good year! Here I have ten favorites. It was tough to select them […]

Bay Bridge with Full Moon

After the lunar eclipse this morning, we had a full moon tonight. For a long time we were wondering if this would be one of these nights where the moon is a no-show. But we got lucky and the fog was not that dense and laying rather low. We waited for a long time. The […]

Lunar Eclipse over Golden Gate Bridge

The alarm clock was ringing early today. The plan was to shoot the Lunar Eclipse over Golden Gate Bridge. For once, we were lucky since there was no fog covering the bay and the bridge. Initially, it was still very dark and, although the lunar eclipse was already in full swing, the moon was still […]

Pacific sunset, abstract

I captured this sunset the other day at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I was shifting my PC-E lens horizontally while taking this long time exposure. This added additional emphasis on the glowing horizon and vertical gradient while hiding some of the dirt in the sand.

Point Reyes Ship Wreck

I knew of this old boat near Point Reyes for a long time. Today, I finally was able to capture it with my camera. And lucky we were! Just after the first few shots, a group of kayakers came by to have their lunch break on the sand bank next to the ship! The lady […]

San Francisco Waterfront with Holiday Lights

It is this time of the the year. The Thanksgiving feast is over, black Friday lines are winding down, and the Christmas trees lots are already set up. Yes, just an other four weeks until Christmas. Every year, some of the San Francisco downtown buildings turn decorative lights on to celebrate the holidays. This changes […]